Snows Motor Group has seven Toyota and three Lexus dealerships which have operated EMaC Service Plans for many years and has recently added 5 Seat, 4 Volvo, 2 Kia and 2 Peugeot dealerships to the agreement.

We have chosen EMaC for a number of reasons:

  • First and foremost - the ease and accuracy of pricing a complex mix of vehicle service specifications and mileage flexibility is significantly more efficient than other similar competitors.
  • The experience EMaC have over many years has enabled them to 'fine tune' their operation which has now become extremely sophisticated.
  • The support from Field Staff and office based operational support is immediate, accurate and always friendly.

Having had brief experience of other operators in this field, we feel EMaC are 'Head & Shoulders' clear in every meaningful category and I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Phil Maddison Group Board Director —Snows Motor Group Ltd | 01st June 2017

In partnership with EMaC we have been selling Service Plans for many years allowing us to build up a large number of active customers that we can rely on every year to have their car serviced with RRG.

The process works like clockwork with everything handled through the Evolve system. Quoting and selling is simple and quick and the system gives us flexibility to handle many other functions ourselves; taking payments, balance transfers and cancellations for example.

The EMaC team support us in every area of admin and field support allowing us to concentrate on selling the Service Plans. Our relationship with their dealer support team is excellent and they help with everything from new user setups to maintaining accurate service pricing.

We also value the new starter induction training provided by EMaC representatives along with the best practice sales advice available to our more experienced staff. Service Plans are a key customer retention tool here at RRG and working with EMaC ensures we maximise our performance in this vital area

Steve Walsh Aftersales Director —RRG Group | 22nd May 2017

Firstly I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff at EMAC in getting a new bike dealership live on your fantastic service plan program; the biggest problem from the start was that as one of the largest bike dealers in the country we have six franchises here so this was a lot of work for both sides. With over 500 different service costs to load in then all the different models it seemed to go on and on, yet with the professional approach given this was done within the time scale ready to go live on time. I would like to give a big THANK YOU to Rachel Sutton & Fred Adodoadjie who had email after email from me yet each time their ability to understand the bike industry was first class. Since going live now we have already sold 16 plans and with the new registration due in March we have already got more to sell, it can’t be any easier to set up and sell what a fantastic program and hope many more will be taken out.

Mike Croft Aftersales Manager — Wheels Motorcycles | 19th Feb 2015

Thanks for all your help this year, as usual EMaC are there when we need you.

David Hayward-Woodcock Aftersales Manager —Arthurs Vauxhall | 22nd Dec 2014

I would like to make a special mention to EMaC who we do our Service Plans through. It’s an amazing achievement considering the amount of plans that we’ll do with them this year and I have never had even one complaint. This represents an absolutely fantastic level of customer service.

David McNamara Managing Director After Sales —Trustford | 01st Nov 2014

Sarah has been a great help in looking into and finding the solutions to the problems that the customer has had, she has spoken to the customer who has also passed on his thanks, the customer Mr Humphreys has said that 'the young lady has cleared up all the issues that I had and was very polite and her explanations of how it all worked out was brilliant, so could you please let her managers know.' I hope that you could pass this on and if all staff members are like this it will be very easy to sort any problems that may crop up, Sarah is a credit to your company.

Craig Auster Drive Vauxhall | 28th Oct 2014

Whilst the old system was by no means bad, the new one is a quantum leap forward.

Peter Smith (MIMI) Aftersales Manager, Group Parts Sales & Marketing Manager — Drive Vauxhall | 31st Oct 2014

Can I just also take this opportunity to thank you and your team for all your assistance? It’s been fantastic to work with such professional and courteous people and I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done to help us get this up and running so quickly and efficiently.
I look forward to working with you as we grow our service club.

Lee Morton Group Service Manager — Colin Appleyard LTD | 07th Oct 2014

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your recent support in attending onsite training and developing our sales knowledge, thus enabling us to benefit and promote our Emac sales opportunities.
I would also like to add a further thank you to Rachel Sutton for a very high level of professional approach to our correspondence and conversations regarding amendments to our Fawcetts Quote page. In our service industry a high level of customer approach should be recognised and rewarded.

Matthew Ulry Service Manager — Fawcetts Garage | 09th Sep 2014

Congratulations on your 10th anniversary, in the short time we’ve been with EMaC our Service plan sales have increased year on year by 73%.
Many Thanks

Cathy Smith Pentagon Group | 03th Sep 2014

Hi Andrew,

I am writing to express my gratitude for the first class help and assistance from one of your employees, Lucy Bradshaw, she has provided myself and my colleagues with such a courteous and professional service over the last few months. Lucy has helped clear any queries, problems and outstanding invoices on the account straight away, such a commitment to great customer service is to be commended. I have always been pleased with the service I receive from your company however Lucy’s professionalism and ability to get to the bottom of any situation quickly exceeded my expectations. She has always been a pleasure to deal with.

The diligence and dedication demonstrated by your team, especially Lucy are very much appreciated and should be recognised.

I personally and my colleagues would like to thank Lucy for her continued support, we value her hard work and dedication she has provided.

D. Cliffe Lookers Motor Group | 24th July 2014

I just want to add what a pleasure it was to speak to an intelligent, informed, coherent operator on your support desk. If all your operators are of such quality I commend you on your recruitment skills and the high level you must set on the hiring of staff. Your help desk would be top of the premiership or at least in Europe, once again thank you for making my contact with your company so stress free, my blood pressure was mercifully not troubled. Well done!

Anon 30th July 2013

I just wanted to pass my thanks onto one of your staff, who sorted out my Service Plan issue. Thanks to them, all was resolved. I would like to comment that I have found your organisation a pleasure to deal with. Whenever I have had a query, your staff have responded to it, with efficiency and professionalism. Plus kindness, the most important!

J. Woodward Maulden, Bedfordshire | 06th Dec 2013

I very much appreciate the efficient, calm and friendly manner in which you have dealt with this matter. Your customer service has been first class. Thank you so much.

M. Manning Bedfordshire | 20th Nov 2013

I would like to take this opportunity to discuss the contact I had today with a member of your staff. The way he understood the issues I had with a dealership was exemplary, his empathy towards me was most courteous and professional. If this is the manner in which you are training your staff to deal with customers then I congratulate you. He not only resolved the issue but was willing to offer further assistance if required, I would appreciate that you convey my gratitude and thanks in person. It often is too easy to slap someone's bare legs if they taint the company's reputation, but not to give praise where due.

G. McKenzie 13th Feb 2014

I would just like to congratulate you on having such a valuable employee such as Will Millington. I rang up last week having a few issues with over 5 customers regarding service plans. Will was extremely helpful, polite and efficient in getting these issues sorted out. He went out of his way to contact other departments of EMAC to help get the resolution to the problems. When he promised to call back he did and even conversed over email to help things move swiftly. I have never experienced such service from the EMAC department before until dealing with will. If you could kindly pass my thanks onto him also this would be much appreciated.

Jemca 12th Mar 2014

I cannot thank you enough for your detailed email. It is absolutely brilliant and clears up my enquiry completely. Thank you VERY much.

Anon Newport | 05th Feb 2013

Once again Rachel, thank you very much. You have been more helpful than I could have wished, have a lovely weekend.

GMD Car Sales 11th April 2014

I would also like to praise the great customer service I received when speaking to your staff on the phone; they were friendly and informative.

K. Walker Flintshire | 29th Jan 2013

Thank you for your prompt acknowledgement and resolution of this issue. If ONLY everyone had customer service like this, the world would be a better place.

Mr Leyton Skegness | 06th Dec 2013