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About EMaC and what we do

At EMaC, we provide an unrivalled level of Service Plan support to the widest range of dealers across the UK and Ireland. Our growth has largely come about through word-of-mouth and illustrates our passion for helping dealers and their customers come together – and as importantly, stay together.

Central to our success has always been a combination of great technology and first-class service. No other provider offers the depth and quality of support that we provide. Whether it is in the showroom, on the telephone or through our digital channels, dealer staff and customers can always speak to one of our experts quickly.

Showroom support

The nationwide EMaC team is always on hand to help dealers to deliver a great customer experience. When a customer buys a new or used vehicle, its future servicing requirements are often of immediate concern. When the customer returns for service, it can often be the most hectic time of the day. EMaC can help.

By working with local dealer managers, EMaC’s team aims to increase awareness of the crucial role promoting correct servicing plays. By sharing best practice learned over many years, we want to ensure that every customer is aware of the Service Plan option and how it can make their motoring cheaper, safer and more economical.

Making it easier for your customers

It is quite common for customers to have some post-purchase questions. Whether they arise soon after purchase or throughout the duration of their agreement, our belief is that their needs have to be managed and met quickly.

The showroom can be a busy place and making contact with the right people, especially at peak times, can be a challenge. With EMaC on board, this is no problem; their first point of contact is with us. Listening to and resolving questions and problems, updating account details, and much more – without need to interrupt the showroom team. The great news is that we have extensive resources available, leaving your team to concentrate on face-to-face relationships – it works superbly for everyone.


We don’t want to leave the promotion of Service Plans to chance. We want customers to be fully and accurately informed of the benefits and able to make a considered buying decision. Our commitment to training is central to this ethos. In the showroom or online, we can help. Our training is comprehensive, covering sales, aftersales and accounts team members – everyone counts.